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2nd HDD SSD Unibody Caddy for Macbook Pro + USB Enclosure Case for Slot-in ODD

Product Code: tmp160408088
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Price: $19.98



1 x Silver SATA External Slot in USB Case ( Not included any Optical drive )
1 x Hard Drive Caddy for Apple MACBOOK / MACBOOK PRO only .

Attention: This is not a stand alone DVD Drive, but rather an empty case box where you can put in your original DVD drive from macbook pro or hard drive caddy

Brand New and High Quality.
User Friendly, Easy to install.
Plug and Play!
NO external power is needed.
NO driver is needed in XP/windows 7 and Mac OSX.
Support :9.5mm-high Superdrive from Apple Macbook/Macbook pro Unibody models.
USB 2.0, Hot Swap supported, backward support USB 1.1  .
Compatible with all slot in SATA laptop slot load Drive
Connetor: SATA
Compatility drive: Compatible with Apple macbook pro 371 DVD COMBO /DVD-RW
Compatible with all slot in SATA laptop slot load Drive:
Height: 9.5mm, interface: SATA or Height: 12.7mm, interface: SATA ( Please check before purchase )



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