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Butterfly TBC501 Table Tennis Ping Pong Racket Paddle Bat Blade Shakehand FL

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Item description:
1.Performance Level Table Tennis Racket:

    Speed: 8.25
    Spin: 8.5
    Control: 8.25

    Handle: Long(Shakehand)-FL
    Type:loop/fast attack
    Length of shank:9.8cm
    Thickniss of sponge:2.1mm
(High Elastic)


      Two sides inverted rubbers(pimples-in): Butterfly PAN ASIA [one red + one black, its surface in concavo-convex structure(can't be seen by eye) manufactured by Butterfly could strengthen rubbers' stickiness with less stickum on it, so it is easier to control the ball for loop drive]
    Five Wooden blade from Italy
    ITTF Approved Rubber for Tournament Play
    This is a factory-made racket, ready to play.   
    The two rubber sheets had already been glued on the blade by factory.       
    (Do not rule out the existence of a margin of error during the manufacturing operation)
    With Free case as shown by picture. Case color may vary from photo.

    BUTTERFLY originated in the1950s 
    Its products were used by many Olympic champions like Timo Boll, Michael Maze, Kong Linghui, Zhang Jike.


    A. Prior to using this racket for the first time at a tournament, take it out from the package and leave it in the air for four days (96 hours)    
    B. plz AVOID sweating and heating AND put it into the case for prolonging its life.

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You'll receive:

    1 X Butterfly TBC501 Table Tennis Racket FL
    1 X Original Case




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