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Cowon CE1 In-Earphone

Cowon CE1 In-Earphone

Brand: Cowon
Product Code: Cowon CE1
Reward Points: 1000
Availability: In Stock
Price: $24.99


  • Product Colors

    It is distinguishable with a sensuous style by applying fine finishing on futuristic design that expresses refinedness with an unique and stable structure.
    Provided with three colors which are Clear White, Pure Red, and Modern Black
  • Lively and clear sound of EM1

    Cowon Liaail EM1 plays elaborate, crisp, and magnificent high-quality sound from 20Hz through audible 22,000Hz.
  • Dynamic Canal Unit

    Cowon Liaail EM1 is adopted with a dynamic unit that has a tight bass and detailed resolution and has the dedicated balance for crisp high note with the optimized tuning.
  • Air Hole and Ear Cap for rich presence

    A gold-plated stereo plug adoption that minimizes signal interference and noise
  • Exclusive Flat Cable

    It improved durability by applying the flat cable that is favorable of preventing earphone line enticement and disconnection. It also adopted 1.2 m which is most comfortable in the bag or pocket.
  • Embossed Points

    The right and left side of earphones can be checked easily with the embossed R inside of right side of earphones.

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Cowon CE1 In-Earphone
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