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Dimmable E27 GU10 MR16 COB LED Spotlight Lamp Bulbs Warm Cool White 6W 9W 12W

Dimmable E27 GU10 MR16 COB LED Spotlight Lamp Bulbs Warm Cool White 6W 9W 12W

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1. This Led spot light is adopted the most advanced high power cob( chip-on-board) Led chip, which has
 higher luminous efficiency and  higher light utilization rate than traditional SMD led lights.

2. High energy-saving: Saves 90-95% of electrical energy compared with incandescent lamp or halogen Bulb.
3. Lower temperature: The light emitted would not produce much heat no matter how long it was used.
4. Healthy light: No ultraviolet and infrared radiation.
5. Environmental protection: No any chemicals like mercury and lead, easily recycled, no electromagnetic disturbance.



  • Base Type: Cob GU10/MR16/E27 Led Spot Light

  • Power: 6W/9W/12W

  • Chips: Epistar (Best Brand in LED Chips Market)

  • Shell Color: Silver

  • Color: Warm White(2900- 3100K);
               Cool White(6300-7000K);

  • Dimmable: Yes/No

  • Housing material: Lathe Aluminum

  • Long life span reaches 100,000hrs

  • Excellent luminous efficiency

  • Instantly on, no flashing

  • Vibration-proof design

  • Hollow design, better heat dissipation

  • Low heat rating, which reduces lens distortion

  • Approved: CE/RoHS

  • 3 years manufacturer warranty

Base Type

Wattage Input Voltage Luminous Flux Beam Angle Weight  Size
GU10 6W Non-dimmable(100-245V)


270-300LM 60 Degrees 60g 50mm(D) x 60mm(L)
9W 450-500LM 72g 50mm(D) x 72mm(L)
12W Non-dimmable(100-245V)


630-700LM 90g 50mm(D) x 86mm(L)
E27 6W Non-dimmable(100-245V)


270-300LM 65g 50mm(D) x 63mm(L)
9W 450-500LM 75g 50mm(D) x 75mm(L)
12W Non-dimmable(100-245V)


630-700LM 93g 50mm(D) x 90mm(L)
MR16 6W Non-dimmable (AC/DC12V) 270-300LM 55g 50mm(D) x 53mm(L)
9W 450-500LM 65g 50mm(D) x 63mm(L)
12W 630-700LM 83g 50mm(D) x 79mm(L)


Packing Include:


1x COB LED Spotlight Bulb (Bulb base & Light color as per your choice)




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Dimmable E27 GU10 MR16 COB LED Spotlight Lamp Bulbs Warm Cool White 6W 9W 12W
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