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Genuine Original SoundMAGIC MP21 In ear Black Headphones with Mic MP21

Genuine Original SoundMAGIC MP21 In ear Black Headphones with Mic MP21

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Product Description

SoundMAGIC MP21 In-Ear Sound Isolating Earphones with Apple Compatible Microphone. You have found the perfect combination of superior quality and value with SoundMAGIC's MP21 earphones. SoundMAGIC have created the MP21 by uniting expertise with advanced technologies, utilising years of know-how in acoustic engineering. With a well-built and robust metal construction of the housing and extensive accessories the MP21 boasts an innovative design. Delivering a well-balanced and accurate sound with an even mid-range and precision of treble notes. 

SoundMAGIC's MP21 angled sound tubes are designed to sit perfectly in the ear canal for a secure and comfortable fit. Combine this with various sizes of included eartips and you achieve a flawless seal keeping unwanted noise out, while sealing your music in. Requiring less volume from the audio source enables exciting sound with the added advantage of preserving healthy hearing. 

To make sure the MP21 earphone stays in place, included optional cable guides allow for the earphones to be worn over-the-ear enabling a secure fit. A wide array of accessories make this earphone package complete. SoundMAGIC MP21 earphones are iPod, iPhone and iPad compatible, with a mechanism on the cable allowing for call handling and track management at the touch of a button.

Product Features

Reasonably Priced, Big Brand Quality

  • While maintaining value for you, SoundMAGIC earphones utilise quality components that can be found in more expensive earphones.

Made for Apple

  • Designed to go perfectly with Apple products, the smart remote with microphone controls the iPod, iPhone and iPad. The remote lets you play, pause and skip to the next or previous track. Calls from the iPhone can be answered with the touch of the button.

Well-Balanced & Accurate Sound

  • Extensive experience in acoustic engineering allows the creators or SoundMAGIC MP21 to implement the know-how from an expert approach to bring you superior, accurate audio. These metal housing earphones have been created to enjoy music to the fullest.

Robust Construction

  • Utilising a well-built metal housing in the production of the earphone body, the MP21 earphones are built to last.

Perfect Fit with Stay-In-Ear Design

  • Ergonomically designed angled sound tubes sit perfectly in the ear canal and stay in the ear comfortably without falling out, combined with the optional over ear cable creates a sure fit.

Sound Isolating Design 

  • In-ear design coupled with angled sound tubes and the right eartips seals music in and leaves unwanted noise out. Resulting in lower volume requirements, this design allows you to protect your hearing from damage loud music can cause.

Added Accessories

  • Bundled in the box you will find silicon eartips in different sizes including XL silicon eartips to find the perfect seal. Further accessories include a cable clip, and a handy travel pouch

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Genuine Original SoundMAGIC MP21 In ear Black Headphones with Mic MP21
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