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Münzautomat Münzprüfer für Euros automatic elektronik Macht steuerung Gerät 220V

Münzautomat Münzprüfer für Euros automatic elektronik Macht steuerung Gerät 220V

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This is used to control the time of your electronic device. you can insert coins , and decide the price and the time that you would like your device to run .
many customers might use it for washing machine , kiosk etc...

when you receive your order , you need to first , plug it on to power . then set up the coin acceptor for the coins you would like to insert , and then set up the time .  basically that's pretty much all the work need to be done.

but please notice , because this is heavy , we will not accept return for this item. we do understand it's possible broken during delivery ,  in this situation , we will only send you parts for replacement if there's any parts goes bad during delivery, so we would suggest you better know some about electronics before you purchase.


(1) Newest version of software!!

(2) This is used for power supply time control.

(3) Can be used with a coin acceptor or other devices that can output pulse signals,and then you can set up for what values to start your machine!!

(4) Suitable for any kinds of automatic control devices such as gaming machines,massage chairs,shoe polishers,washing machines,chargers,dryers,and PCs.

(5) Easy to use!

(6) Brand new and original factory.


(1) Controls electrical devices ( TV, Massage chair..) power.

(2) AC 1250W DC 900 Watt electrical power relay capacity.
( if you need to use over AC 1250w , please contact us in advance )

(3) Suitable for public place location.

(4) Digital timer: rate adjustable by owner through two simple push button switch.

(5) You are able to determine application trust for how many coins should be inserted.

(6) Maximum time : 99:59 

(7) Time type: MINUTE:SECOND  .
(8) Weight:6KG.
(9) Dimensions:26cmH x 13cmW x 28cm.

Use guide
(1) Plug power wire AC 220V~240V input into this box.
(2) Plug the  output of coin box to your AC 220V~240V device .
(3) Set up the coin mech to accept coins.

download the coin mech manual here:
(3) Set up the time and the quantity of coins for machine to work by pushing button "S1(+)", "S2(-)", and "S3(setup)".

download the timer board manual here: Iron metal Coin box (Black).

(2) Multi Coin selector for 6 types coins:CH-926

(3) Timer control board.

(4) Electronic counter (reset type).

(5) Other connect wires.




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Münzautomat Münzprüfer für Euros automatic elektronik Macht steuerung Gerät 220V
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