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NEW PC black Game Receiver f microsoft XBOX 360 Wireless Controller WIN7/8.1

NEW PC black Game Receiver f microsoft XBOX 360 Wireless Controller WIN7/8.1

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1.This wireless receiver is a simple adapter that connects into a USB.
2.Will work with future Xbox 360 Wireless Accessories.
3.Provides up to a 30-foot range for complete wireless freedom.
4.Use up to four Wireless Controllers and four Wireless Headsets. 6.Simultaneously with one Wireless Gaming Receiver.
5.Easily integrates with PC gaming scenarios and utilizes the same binding technology as Xbox 360.
6.the third party product, not made by mircrosoft

- Works with Xbox controllers
- Uses integrated 2.4G high-performance wireless technology, let you operate a wireless controller up to 30 feet away(based on obstacles)
- Support up to 4 devices simultaneously, let you play with up to other 3 friends at the same time.
- Works with windows xp, vista and 7,win8/8.1
- Magnetic ring on the cable keeps the unit working more stably

Direction for use:
When it is connected to the notebook, the screen will show a new hardware is founded and tip you to install driver. 
After you succeed in installing it, press on the circular button of the receiver for about 1 second then the green light of the receiver will flash constantly and it means now it gets into the pairing mode. 
Now you just need to press the pair button of the controller to mate, after you succeed in doing that you’ll free to play the game. 

Installation for win 7/8
1, download and install the Microsoft XBOX360 controller 1.2WHQL driver.
2, open the XBOX controller and four lights of the navigation key are lit, find the 'Unknown Device' from the 'Device Manager'.
3, right-click the 'Unknown Device', then click "update driver software".
4, select "Find and install the driver manually", then "select from Computer device drivers list".
5, find “Microsoft windows of public control”, select “XBOX360 Wireless Receiver for Windows” and then install it. 


- Size: (L)7.5 x (W)4.2 x (H)1.8 cm(approx)
- Length of connection cable: 1.7M
- Portal: USB
- Color: Black

Package Include:
1 x  Wireless Gaming Receiver For Windows
1 x  Driver CD for windows

Compatible with:



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NEW PC black Game Receiver f microsoft XBOX 360 Wireless Controller WIN7/8.1
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