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New 4GB 4x1GB PC3200 400Mhz DDR 400 184pin Desktop RAM Memory CP32

New 4GB 4x1GB PC3200 400Mhz DDR 400 184pin Desktop RAM Memory CP32

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  • Manufacturer :100% brand  chips,high quality guarantee.
  • may you will receive chips made in micron,Hynix,Samsung.Kingmax or Everything Elses.
  • Capacity: 1GB PC3200
  • Type: 184-Pin  DIMM.
  • Speed: PC3200 400Mhz High  Density 
  • Buffering/ECC: Non-ECC, Unbuffered
  • CL3  2.5v

Please read our listing description carefully,Avoid buying a wrong memory.

Buyer note:This memory is high density. can't compatible with all the MSI,Apple,iMac,MAC Computer and asus Dell,Compaq,HP,Fujitsu,intel,IBM ALL Series Chipset.
NF2、KM266,KT266,P4X266、PM266、KT333、P4X333  SIS735.

Just Compatible With:

VIA Chipset:

K7:KT400, KT400A, KT600, KT880, KM400, KN400
K8:K8T800, K8M400 ,K8T800Pro,K8M800,K8N800, K8T890,K8T890Pro
P4:P4X400, P4X400A, PT800, PT880, PM800, PM880, PT880Pro, PT894 ,P4M800,P4T800,P4T880,P4T890etc.

SIS Chipset:
SiSM650、SiSM760、SiSM741、SiS655FX、SiS655、SiS651、SiS650GX、SiS648MX、 SiS648FX、SiS648、SiS645DX、SiS650GL、SiS650、SiS645、SiS760、SiS755FX、


NF Chipset:nForce3/ nForce4、C51(DDR1)、C61(DDR1)(GEFORCE 6100-NFOROE 410/430)

Please read our item description carefully before purchasing,choose the right memory.
What is the Difference Between Low Density and High Density RAM? 

  • All low density 1GB modules are made with 16 chips (8 chips on each side) using 64Mx8 device.
  • All high density 1GB modules are made with 16 chips (8 chips on each side) using 128Mx4 device.

Package Includes:

  • 1GB PC3200 DDR 400 RAM memory x 4
You may receive the chips made in micron, Hynix, Samsung. Kingmax, IBM, Kingston or Everything Elses. The image is for reference only.

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New 4GB 4x1GB PC3200 400Mhz DDR 400 184pin Desktop RAM Memory CP32
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