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New SONY VRD-MC5 VRDMC5 DVDirect DVD Recorder EN025 MO02

New SONY VRD-MC5 VRDMC5 DVDirect DVD Recorder EN025 MO02

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  • Video recording:Direct, real-time video DVD recording from virtually any camcorder, VCR, or Digital Video Recorder
  • Titles and menus:Automatic DVD menu and title creation, choose from 4 preset menu designs
  • Recording modes:5 recording quality modes allow up to 12 hours of video to be recorded per disc
  • Consolidate mini DVDs:Consolidate several mini camcorder DVDs to full size 5” DVD using Sony DVD Handycam camcorder
  • Digital photo DVDs:Direct, real time recording of digital photos to DVD recording from MemoryStick Pro, MemoryStick Pro Duo, Secure Digital(SD/SDHC), Compact Flash,or xD Picture Card camera memory cards
  • DVD chapters:Automatic DVD chaptering every 5, 10, or 15 minutes, even stop-timer recording!
  • High Definition resolution:Transfer high definition video in native 1080i resolution from Sony AVCHD HDD/MemoryStick Handycam camcorders to DVD recorded in H.264 format. This allows up to 95 minutes of HD video to be recorded on a DVD playable on most Blu-ray Disc players
  • Preview:Preview video or up to 6 digital photos at a time using built-in 2.5” color LCD screen
  • DVD media:Records on 4.7GB DVD+R/+RW and 8.5GB DVD+R Double Layer Discs
  • Versatile recording:Record all the video from a Sony HDD/MemoryStick Handycam camcorder, just selected scenes, or only video recorded since the last DVD burn — all at up to 6X speed (60 minutes of video in about 10 minutes). Will “span” multiple DVDs as necessary
  • Media & Modes Supported : MemoryStick Pro Duo/Pro Duo, Multi-Card slot (MemoryStick Pro, SD/SDHC Memory Card, xD Picture Card) Compact Flash
  • Memory Size : 2,000 photos (max.)
  • Photo Playback : Yes
  • Video Playback : DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW JPEG, DCF2.0 compliant
  • Photo Recording : Yes
  • Video Recording : SD HD
Package Includes:
  • 1 x DVD Recorder (VRD-MC5)

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New SONY VRD-MC5 VRDMC5 DVDirect DVD Recorder EN025 MO02
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