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Professional Radio Frequency Counter RF Meter 0.01Hz~2.4GHz Tester VC316 EI14

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VICTOR VC2000 Frequency Counter 8-digit LED display
The superior quality plier has comfortable cushion grip handles, double leaf springs and is specially designed for beading jewelry repair and other fine hobby work. It is not recommended for heavy duty applications such as automotive, home improvement, or maritime use.
  • It is a high-resolution multifunction intelligent frequency counter based on microprocessor.
  • Frequency measurement, pulse counting, crystal measurement.
  • 4-step gate time, 5-range function select and 8-digit LED display.
  • Working mode memorized, range and gate time can be set according to the requirement.
  • Multifunctional, good quality and reasonable price.
  • CHA: 50MHz~2.4GHz, Basic accuracy: +/-(1×10-5+3)
  • CHB: 10Hz~50MHz, Basic accuracy: +/-(1×10-5+3)
  • Crystal measurement Crystal slot: 3.5MHz~16MHz, Basic accuracy: +/-(4×10-6+1)
  • Total measurement CHB: 10Hz~4MHz, Basic accuracy: +/-(4×10-6+1)
  • Measurement sensitivity 50mVrms
  • Input impedance CH :A50Mω CHB 1Mω
  • Count range: 1~108 10Hz/4MHz
  • Accuracy: +/-(2×10-5R+3D)
  • Crystal measurement range: 3.5MHz~16MHz (keynote)
  • Gate time: 0.1s/1s/5s/10s
  • Dimension: 270×215 ×100mm
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Power: AC 220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz
Package content:
  • 1 x VC2000 Frequency Counter
  • 1 x BNC Probe
  • 1 x Power cable


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