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Raspberry Pi Model B+ XBMC WiFi Media Centre Pack

Raspberry Pi Model B+ XBMC WiFi Media Centre Pack

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The Raspberry Pi XBMC Wi-Fi Media Centre Pack #FARQCRS


                                    1 x : Raspberry Pi Model B+

The Raspberry Pi Model B computer is not much bigger than a credit card, however it boasts many of the features of a standard desktop PC. With USB, Ethernet, HDMI connections it uses a Micro SD card as its data storage device and has a readily accessible GPIO (General Purpose Input, output) Interface.


Protect your Raspberry Pi Model B+ with this solid Black ABS Case, designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi Model B+ making for a snug fit while still allowing access to the many expansion ports in the board.


1 x  : Raspberry Pi 2.0A 5V PSU

This Power Supply Adaptor is ideally suited to power your Raspberry Pi B+ computer. It employs switch mode technology which is small in size and highly efficient. The cable is wired-in to the adaptor and the cable end is fitted directly with a Micro USB plug, no chunky plug adaptors.

1 x  : High Current USB Cable

                             LearCNC custom USB power cable ensures your Raspberry Pi gets the current it needs.

1x : 2.4GHZ RF Mini Wireless Keyboard / Mouse

Wirelessly control your Raspberry Pi media centre with this wireless keyboard / mouse combo.

1x : Cable USB A Male to Micro B Male 1.0m

This USB to Micro USB computer cable is used to charge the wireless keyboard from a USB outlet.

1 x : SANDISK 16GB Micro SD Card Class10 with OpenELEC XMBC Loaded

This 16GB Micro SD card is pre-programmed with OpenELEC, a media centre operating system built around the XMBC media centre, created for the Raspberry Pi. It gives a full function media centre with support for a large number of open source add-ons and media types.

1 x : SUPER SLIM HDMI Lead High Speed 1.0mtr


The HDMI cable supplied uses the latest super slim technology so it won’t pull your XBMC off the desk while remaining fully 1.4 compliant, supporting both CEC and Ethernet and ideally suited for connecting your Raspberry Pi computer to any HDMI monitor or HDTV.

1 x : USB Wi-Fi Module with DETACHABLE High Gain Antenna for RPi

This Wi-Fi Module is a high performance module, designed for plug and play use with the Raspberry Pi, opening the media centre up to a greater number of applications and media sources.



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Raspberry Pi Model B+ XBMC WiFi Media Centre Pack
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