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TTPOD T1-Enhanced Dual Dynamic In Ear Stereo Hi Fi Earphones Headphones EP46

TTPOD T1-Enhanced Dual Dynamic In Ear Stereo Hi Fi Earphones Headphones EP46

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1. Conducted on the basis of T1 perfectly balanced version optimized for the preparation of more popular genre with the big tracks IF warmer, deeper distant low-frequency sound field more ambitious

2 unit optimization

Coil diameter increased by 6.8%, double the number to four winding wound, IF fuller, more powerful low frequency

3. Magnet optimization

N50 uses powerful magnets, designed to fine-tune the best

4. Diaphragm optimization

The latest generation of the German original biological membrane, sound density stronger, more adequate amount of information

5 excellent manufacturing process

Combined with the manufacturing process and the use of ultrasound imported material from inside and outside the atmosphere exudes extraordinary fashion

6 true to the music's original charm

Without modification of the sound reduction technology, loud games, both delicate aesthetic analytical performance

7 Patent vector aerodynamic layout

Provide accurate positioning vocal instrument

8 6N five silver plated copper oxide

Extremely good analytical, scratching restore sound field is completed

9 High-quality synthetic material housing

Lightweight high-strength, durable, comfortable to wear

10.6 times harsh test

The difference between left and right channels is less than 1DB, top international quality standard headset

Technical Parameters:

  • Wearing styles: ear 
  • Headphone Type: Wired 
  • Whether the microphone: No 
  • Plug Diameter: 3.5mm 
  • Headphone plug type: straight type 
  • Driver:2*6.2mm (unilateral)
  • Frequency range:8Hz-26KHz
  • Sensitivity:104db at 1KHz/mW
  • Impedanceļ¼š12ohms
  • Cable: 18 core 0.05mm OFC silver plated cable
  • Cable length:1.3m
  • Connector:3.5mm gold-plated Plug

Packing lists:

  • TTPOD T1 earphone
  • 9 sites of eartips (S/M/L Like the picture shows)
  • A Carrying bag

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TTPOD T1-Enhanced Dual Dynamic In Ear Stereo Hi Fi Earphones Headphones EP46
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