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Tall Landing Skid Gear DJI Phantom 1 2 Vision Brushless Gimbal GoPro H3-2D RC07

Product Code: RC07W4
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Price: $11.95


These replacement landing gear have an increased length and width than the standard DJI landing gear.

They allow for a more stable landing with their wider stance, and are a great addition if you have a Gimbal installed. The standard legs sometimes get in camera shot when using a Tarrot or Zenmuse gimbal, and with these wide legs they will be out of view.


  • Color: White
  • 35mm taller than the stock landing gear
  • 80mm wider than the stock landing gear
  • Suitable for: DJI Phantom, Phantom 2, and Phantom 2 Vision


DJI Phantom Landing Gear X 2



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