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USB Wired Gaming Keyboard Backlit Backlight Illuminated Multimedia For PC Laptop

USB Wired Gaming Keyboard Backlit Backlight Illuminated Multimedia For PC Laptop

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  • This backlit gaming keyboard designed for Gamers. it is with blue, red and purple backlit effect, coupled with the cool and beautiful shape.
  • It is exclusive cooling gaming keyboard to offer the most comfortable gaming environment.
  • 19 keys conflicts-free
  • 4 levels brightness adjustment.
  • Cool changeable Blue/Purple/Red backlight source.
  • Subtle ergonomic design, the most subtle touch.
  • Anti-skid, with stand design, you can adjust the keyboard height.
  • The keycap using laser engraving technology, durable wear does not fade.
  • With the led light, even at night to experience the game is quite suitable.
  • More large drainage holes to be designed on the back,it is waterproof design.
  • Unique S-Shaped ergonomic design, can effectively reduce fatigue and increase comfort.
  • Main features: With Blue, Purple, Red Led lights, whirlwind streamline, dual-spring big spaces.
  • Game exclusive optimization design, Ergonomically designed, comfortable to grip and use.
  • Fashion and contemporary bright-black design of outlook is perfectly for any working space.
  • The upper and lower lid and the caps are made of high strength ABS plastic, can be an effective anti-violence and anti-beat frequency of use for high-intensity Gamer.



  • Model: M200
  • Color: Black
  • Net Weight: 900g
  • Normal Keys: 104
  • Multimedia keys: 10
  • Interface Type: Usb
  • Ergonomics: Support
  • USB Cable Length: 180cm
  • Dimension: 490(L) x 189(W) x 50(H)mm
  • Color of Backlight: Blue Purple & Red
  • System Support: Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Vista/ XP, etc.


Operation Methods:


  • FN + SL for Lights Switch(Blue / Red / Purple)
  • 3 colors backlit keyboard Unique Fn+SL three color backlighting random switching control 3 colors backlighting switching in the most brilliant shine, welcome the victory cool blue fierce inflammation purple red.
  • FN + Up/Down for Lights Intensity Switch (High / Medium / Weak/ OFF)
  • 3 colors Backlit keyboard unique back light brightness adjustment function, is the keyboard are suitable for all kinds environment.  
  • 10 Combination by Multimedia Keys
  • Apply to more areas, game playing fired.  First Love music so easy and quick keys entertainment easier.
  • 19 keys conflicts-free.
  • Us from the real game experience, to the 19 key can do with conflict-free be called "equipment" by game.


Package Contents:

1 × USB Gaming keyboard



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USB Wired Gaming Keyboard Backlit Backlight Illuminated Multimedia For PC Laptop
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