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Colorfly C4 Pro 32GB

Colorfly C4 Pro 32GB

Brand: Colorfly
Product Code: C4
Reward Points: 1000
Availability: In Stock
Price: $689.00



  • Classic Regius Wallnut Case
  • Hand Engraved Rear
  • Plays 24bit/192KHz audio files
  • Less Than 5pico seconds Jitter
  • Can Power 300 Ohm Headphones or Speakers
  • ADI AD823 Chip
  • Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC Chip
  • Cirrus Logic CS8422 SRC Chip
  • TCXO High Precision Crystal Oscillators
  • SNR up to 108dB
  • THD lower than 0.003%
  • 3U Gilt RCA Interface for SPDIF IN/OUT
  • 3U Gilt Interface for 6.3mm Earphones

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Colorfly C4 Pro 32GB
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